Design intern Alicia Calderón

09 Sep 2016 Introducing: Alicia

Here she is! Our new intern Alicia; all the way from Spain and Delft! We love her stories about Spanish habits, her grandmother and her parents’ cake bakery. Of course Alicia also couldn’t escape our curiosity and had to answer our 5 “-get to know you- questions”.

1 — Can you draw a little background picture for us and describe your path to Oak & Morrow?

I’m from Spain and was always really interested in architecture and design. I decided to study Industrial Design but I was not fulfilled with the education because it was really engineering based. I liked it to be more focused on the psychological and aesthetic side of design. So I went to the Netherlands on an exchange program at the University of Delft. 

Because I liked it so much I decided to stay and do my masters here. Then at some point I had been studying for six years in a