Office & event manager Rinske Spijkerman

03 Oct 2016 Introducing: Rinske

Tadaaaa, here’s our newest addition to the Oak & Morrow team; Rinske! As our first Office & Event Manager she is going to fix stuff, manage our social media and prepare tasteful lunches! Here’s where she answers our five questions so you can get to know her a bit.

1 — Can you draw a little background picture for us and describe your path to Oak & Morrow?

Almost six years ago I started studying International Lifestyle Studies in Tilburg, a study about Trend watching & Concept Development. When I graduated I was completely into the topic of food waste and worked at two super cool start-ups that are changing the food industry. Kromkommer (they’re saving wonky veggies from the bin by making the most delicious soups out of them) and Rechtstreex (they shorten the food chain from farmer to consumer by bringing local foods directly to people in the city). After this, I combined my love for food and my mission to do something good at Instock, a restaurant against food waste. In January this year I started a course in Experience Design from the Swedish institute Hyper Island. Here I learned a lot about myself and about the design world. When I started looking for jobs I really wanted to talk to Jeroen and Marten because I liked their studio so much. I was super interested in their story and their view on the world of experience design. So I had a coffee and an inspiring talk with Jeroen… and the rest is history. I never thought I would be an office and event manager at a design studio. But now I’m here, sitting behind my desk in an awesome office with the coolest people and a smile on my face.

2 — What type of project gets you jumping in excitement?

Projects where I can do a lot of different things at the same time, that push me to think differently and teach me ne