Service design

Regardless of where your customers go to buy your product; whatever platform or technology you use; the way you serve is underpinned by your brand identity and shaped by the customer journey.

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From your website to the customer service your team offers; via your physical store or any given product — service design unites and aligns each customer experience across all possible touchpoints.

More and more organisations get the importance of service culture, and understand that to stay competitive they need to make their services both compelling and consistent. There are many factors to consider: after all, ‘service’ is a fluid concept; one that flows across the different parts of your business.

At Oak & Morrow we have years of service design experience. We work closely with our clients, and zoom in on even the smallest aspects of your customer journey. Together, we create and deliver the ultimate customer experience, so that only the best, most authentic attitudes and attributes permeate your organisation.

Are you looking to…

  • improve your services?
  • move from a product to a service focus?
  • review and strengthen your customer services?
  • fuse individual customer experiences into a compelling customer journey?

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