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We are a strategic design studio from the Netherlands. We design meaningful interactive products, services and brands.

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Studio life 31 08 2015

Working on Mazda’s new car configurator

Yay! We are working on Mazda’s next generation car configurator with our friends at Q42.

Studio life 26 08 2015

Greetings from Curaçao

These past couple of days Marten and I spent on the beautiful Caribbean island Curaçao. We went there to work on a project and had an amazing time in Curacao. But let’s start from the beginning…

Design for social good 19 08 2015

The digital necklace that makes medical history wearable

Many parents in third world countries are uneducated and thus find it difficult to see the importance of good vaccination for their children. Because of this many children die.

Smart life 14 08 2015

The next generation of toys is smart

Slowly but steadily a new generation of toys is emerging: smart toys. They are not just interactive toys that make funny sounds or project nice colors, but actually learn from and respond to a child’s behavior.

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