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We are a strategic design studio from the Netherlands. We design meaningful interactive products, services and brands.

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Smart life 18 05 2015

Turning solar panels into objects of desire

Green power generation is on the rise. More and more people are putting solar panels on their roofs or, when they have enough space, even put a wind turbine in their garden. The investment is interesting enough, but it doesn’t make your house look any better. The objects are in general ugly looking pieces of technology. But the times they are a changing…

Smart life 15 05 2015

Responsive street furniture

What if you could design street furniture that adapts itself to the personal situation of a pedestrian? The Responsive Street Furniture project took on this challenge…

Product personality 13 05 2015

Your personality defines if you prefer open or secluded places

Someone’s personality defines a lot more than you can imagine. The places we like to live and be in are closely linked to our personality…

Design for social good 11 05 2015

Moving from motoring to mobility

Last week we posted an article about Audi unite, where we talked about the shift from owning a car to sharing a car. Today I came across a great FastCompany article from John Edson who explains his views on this shift, he explains why the future of cars is about experience versus ownership…

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